The Charter is a formal document recognising the Caribbean Animal Health Network or CaribVET. It sets out the functions objectives, membership, structure and management. It defines the formal operations and organisation of the network and addresses not just the existing structure and procedures, but provides for future development.

The first version of the CaribVET Charter was developed and endorsed by members in 2010. It is updated annually and in 2012, the Charter was revised towards setting out a more formal structure.

The CaribVET Charter is now made of a first Part that is organized into Sections containing and setting out a Preamble; Objectives and Functions; the terms of Membership; the organizational structure; procedural clauses and of an Annex which details the current structures, funding, projects, operations and coordination of the Network.

For the moment, only the first part of the Revised Charter is available. The Annex will be posted on the Website later. You can find most of the information in the previous version of the Charter, available for donwload below.

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