13th Meeting of the CaribVET Steering Committee

Antigua and Barbuda hosted the 13th CaribVET Steering Committee Meeting and the 18th Caricom Chief Veterinary Officers Meeting

The members of the CaribVET Steering Committee met in St. Jonh's, Antigua and Barbuda week of 11th June for the 13th Annual Meeting of the CaribVET SC (11-12 June) followed by a special session on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. The CARICOM Chief Veterinary Officers met for their 18th CARICOM Meeting (13 PM -14 June).  

The CaribVET SC reviewed the 2017/2018 activities and discussed the strategic orientations of the network for 2018/2019. More specifically, the SC worked on the legal status and on the recommendations of the first 2017 external evaluation of CaribVET and also addressed the following topics:

  • Regional Priorities
  • Funding strategy for the sustainable operation of CaribVET
  • Review of the technical activities, regional research projects, collaborations
  • CAHFSA - CaribVET collaborations

The objectives of the DRRM session are to 1/ Increase awareness of Veterinary Services in the Caribbean on tools and expertise available for countries to improve their disaster risk reduction and emergency management capacity and 2/ better understand the role of CVOs in DRRM planning at the national level. Working documents and materials were sent to the participants on May 28. 

The meeting was supported by USDA-APHIS-IS, CIRAD, IICA, FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda affairs of Antigua and Barbuda

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