ONE WEEK : A week of gathering around "One Health" and "EcoHealth" approaches

From October 9 to 13, nearly fifty Cirad's scientists from all over the world, as well as Asian and African partners, will meet in La Réunion (french island located in the indian ocean) for a week of exchanges and reflections about the "One Health" and "EcoHealth" approaches. This unprecedented event will involve researchers working in four partnership-based mechanisms (CaribVET, RP-PCP, GREASE and ONE HEALTH - OI). this meeting will aim to develop new lines of work and collaboration between these networks and health platforms specializes in animal health and veterinary public health.

For the first time, researchers from Montpellier and four research and teaching programs in partnership (dPs) of the Ciradwill meet to discuss their working methods and organize themselves around joint projects. During the "ONE WEEK" event, which will take place at the Cirad station in Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, researchers and partners of four Cirad's dPs: CaribVET in the Caribbean, RP-PCP in Southern Africa, GREASE in South-East Asia and ONE HEALTH - IO in the Indian Ocean, will share a day of reflection (COOHP: Connecting One Health Platforms) to define how strengthen the interactions between these four "health" dPs.

Several meetings on antimicrobial resistance are also scheduled according to the "One Health" and "EcoHealth" theme common to all four dPs. The objectives of these workshops will be to define a transversal animation, to implement the ProPIS incubator (TROP'ANTIBIO) and to prepare answers to H2020 calls. To this end, representatives of the boards of the 3 departments of Cirad as well as researchers from eight units: ASTRE, INNOVATION, ISEM, MOISA, PVBMT, Recycling and Risk, SELMET and TETIS will meet.

The event will conclude with two days of training in participatory epidemiology, an approach at the heart of the EcoHealth concept. During these two days, the participants will learn to value their ethno-veterinary knowledge while taking into account the needs, expectations and demands of the various actors involved (breeders, veterinary services, government representatives, etc.). Facilitated by Marisa Peyre and Flavie Goutard of UMR ASTRE and Nicolas Antoine-Moussiaux of the University of Liège (France), this course will also focus on defining methods and benefits of direct dialogue with local communities.

The "ONE WEEK" event will also host a meeting of the Management Committee of the ASTRE Unit.

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