Webinar - Global Situation on African Swine Fever, implications for the Caribbean

The Coordination Unit of the Caribbean Animal Health network (CaribVET) recommended in its last virtual meeting held on Sept 12th, to organize urgently a webinar for the Caribbean region to inform animal health stakeholders on the Global Situation of African Swine Fever and the implications for the Caribbean, given the recent introduction of ASF virus in China, Belgium but also its spread in Romania and other parts of Europe.

About the Webinar

  • Date : thursday 27th September; 10 AM, GMT-4 (= Barbados time).
  • Target audience : CVOs, veterinarians, extension officers, any public or private animal (swine) health stakeholder from the Caribbean, students, ...
  • Time : 35 mins presentation followed by 10 min presentation, 
  • Speaker : Prof Chris Oura (UWI, Trinidad and Tobago) and ASF expert
  • Participants were encouraged to organize GROUP CONNEXIONS by sharing the link in 1 place to allow maximum participation

Access to the Recording

We thank FAO in Barbados for the organization of the Webex/Cisco and UWI for the organization of ZOOM. 

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