World Rabies Day Webinars (Asia) organized by FAO/OIE/WHO and GARC

2 webinars were organized in Asia - at the opposite side on the Planet for the Caribbean. You can access to those webinars below.

Information communicated by Dr. A. Vokaty, Chair of the Veterinary Public Health Working Group.

2 webinars were organized for Asia on 24 and 25 September 2018. Facilitated by Katinka de Balogh, FAO, Thailand. In order to see the video, click on the Day of interest below, and activate Adobe Flash in your browser.

Day 1: 1h25 with 4 presentations + 15 min questions

  1. Global strategic Plan for Rabies elimination by 2030
  2. Practical intersectorial  linking: A tool to One health coordination to enhance Rabies surveillance at the Grassroots level
  3. Strengthenin national rabies elimination programs through SARE and GARC education platform
  4. Oral Rabies vaccination Trial in Thailand

Day 2: 1h35 with 4 presentations + 15 min questions

  1. Reduce PEP scheme recommended by WHO
  2. Latest Development of the OIE international standard towards Zero by 2030
  3. Attaining a dog vaccination coverage through dog restrain mechanism
  4. Fighting misconception about Rabies through edutainment

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