Experience of CaribVET in simulation exercices, shared with colleagues from the Plant Sister Network, CPHD

CaribVET was invited to present on its experience in preventing and preparing for exotic disease outbreak introduction with participants from the CPHD regional workshop on the Fusarium wilt of Banana (Foc TR4) - prevention and diagnosis: methods and tools

The coordinator of CaribVET presented summary information on the simulation exercices that have been organized by the veterinary services the Caribbean and the partners of CaribVET since nearly a decade of networking: series of national simulation exercices for Avian Influenza (2016, SPS project), Regional simulation of sample shipments (FAO, USDA, CIRAD), Regional table top simulation of FMD outbreak ("Red Tide, 2012, VEP Project),

This workshop is part of the exchange of experience that is organized between the animal and the plant health sector in the Caribbean region between the Caribbean Plant Health Director Forum (CPHD), and the Caribbean Animal Health Network (CaribVET)

Published: 30/07/2018

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