New article published - " Rabies In the Caribbean: A Situational analysis and historic Review"

Dr. Janine Seetahal, PhD Student at UWI (Trinidad and Tobago) has finalized a thorough work on Rabies in the Caribbean with an open access publication. The paper reviews rabies situation in the region: epidemiological situation, risk of introduction in non endemic areas, main reservoir species involved and control programmes, rabies cases burden in animal and human population, surveillance programmes and reporting of rabies, regulation, vaccination, post-exposure prophylaxis, diagnostics...

This paper represents a nice contribution of the Caribbean Animal health Network (#CaribVET) to the knowledge on Rabies which is one of the priority zoonotic and infectious diseases in the Caribbean.

The article entitled "Rabies in the Caribbean: A Situational Analysis and Historic Review " analyses the literature and the results of a regional survey administered by CaribVET couple of years ago, and to which 30 out of the 33 (90%) Chief Veterinary Officers responded. 

The authors of the paper from UWI, PAHO/WHO, LYSSA LLC, CIRAD, Ministry of Agriculture of Grenada, Suriname and Haiti and Ministry of Health of Guyana and Cuba are members of the CaribVET Rabies subgroup and of the Veterinary Public Health Working group. 

We hope that the article will be useful to the animal and human health professionals in the region and in controling and eliminating the disease. 

Published: 21/08/2018

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