St. George’s University One Health initiatives

In 2017, St. George’s University (SGU) celebrates its 40th anniversary. SGU with Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Arts and Sciences and graduate studies includes One Health One Medicine as a core part of its education, research, service and scholarship.

In education, SGU’s all academic programs includes exposure to One Health as part of its curriculum delivery. Dual degree programs also allow for students across disciplines to share courses and learning. Research work routinely involves faculty and students on topics which integrates human, animals and environmental health. Throughout 2017, SGU is delivering an open access online course entitled: One World, One Health, One Medicine and can be accessed using: The course includes a live seminar each month by various presenters on the theme of One Health as well as discussion blogs and learning resources. In October 2017, SGU held a One Health One Medicine symposium where two days of plenary, scientific presentations and posters were held. Speakers from Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and the Caribbean joined the SGU community to share and explore a diversity of One Health themes including vector borne diseases, food safety, sustainable land use, society and culture and a broad spectrum of zoonoses. 

Through SGU’s One Health One Medicine community outreach clinics, we perform hundreds of wellness exams on humans and their valued pets and livestock in one venue. We conduct four  One Health One Medicine community outreach clinics per year in various communities throughout Grenada. Faculty, students and staff from all the various schools from our University collaborate to make these clinics a great success.  The SGU SVM students, under the supervision of clinicians, perform wellness exams, vaccinate, deworm  and provide other basic veterinary intervention on both pets and livestock. Supervised SGU SOM students and students from undergraduate nursing program concurrently provide free examinations to local Grenadians, including free vision and hearing tests, blood pressure tests, blood sugar tests, pediatric exams and breast exams. We also place an emphasis on client/patient education at our clinics, especially on lifestyle diseases in humans, nutrition, zoonotic diseases like rabies, dog bite prevention and good animal husbandry.  The faculty, students and staff enjoy the opportunity to interact and work with the community.

Published: 07/11/2017

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