The Belize Poultry Association organised activities in the frame of the World Egg Day 2017

Each year since 1996, the second Friday in October is internationally recognized as "World Egg Day!". This year, on October 13th, 2017, the Belize Poultry Association decided to once again celebrate the World Egg Day by promoting egg consumption (presently at 175 per capita in Belize) and encouraging people to have eggs for breakfast. Four generous and educational activities around eggs benefits, production and consumption were organized in collaboration with Caribbean Chicken, Country Foods and Western Dairies.


Breakfast fed to schoolchildren

Members of Caribbean Chicken, Belize Poultry Association, BAHA and Serving Christ Ministries school feeding programme hosted breakfast for students from four primary schools in two districts of Belize: St Peter’s, Sacred Heart, Faith Nazarene and St Andrew’s schools in Orange Walk Town and San Ignacio.

The breakfast consisted of a serving of Scrambled Eggs and blended beans, whole wheat bread, a banana and one pint of fresh, pasteurised milk. The eggs were donated, prepared and served by two companies producing eggs (Caribbean Chicken and Country Foods).The milk was donated by the dairy company (Western Dairies).

Distribution of eggs to charities with feeding programme

Eggs were distributed to local charities: Serving Christ Ministries, Octavia Waight Home for the Elderly among others.

TV shows, media and news release on health benefits of eggs

Two television companies broadcasted the event showcasing benefits of eggs and the activity at St Peter’s Anglican school. Media held interviews with nutritionist from Ministry of Health, BPA manager and Caribbean Chicken Quality Coordinator promoting eggs and the involvement of Agriculture, Health and Industry.

Awareness on the health benefits of eggs

Awareness materials on the health benefits of eggs and of having breakfast (with eggs) were prepared and distributed.

Now people know that:

1. Skipping breakfast can lead to overeating and over-snacking later in the day.

2. Having eggs for breakfast is nice, because they are easy to cook and faster than take-away

3. If you start having eggs for breakfast, three weeks later a preference develops and you begin to miss eggs!

4. Eggs are important for development of the baby in mother’s womb, for brain development.

5. Eggs improve concentration levels at school, work and play.

7. Eggs have hardly any sugars so good for people with diabetes. Eggs have no gluten. Eggs good for those with uric acid (gout) as have no purines.

© Belize Poultry Association: Students at St. Peters Anglican Primary School enjoying a healthy Egg breakfast!

Published: 18/10/2017

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