Symposium on Animal Well-being, Haiti, 4 October 2018

Within the framework of the World Animal Day celebrated on Oct 4th, the NGO Heifer International in Haiti, organizes with the Ministry of Agriculture (MARNDR) and other partners (institutions, specialists, technicians in animal production and health, academics, breeders, etc.) a symposium on the theme "Animal well-being for Human well-being" in Petion-Ville, Haiti.

Information shared by Dr. Harry Charles, Veterinary Specialist in Heifer International, Haiti and member of the Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases working Group of CaribVET.  

The objectives of the symposium are to: 

  1. Analyze the animal welfare situation with key stakeholders
  2. Identify strategies that will ultimately change individuals and institution’s behavior toward
    animals (embrace the new concept
  3. Establish an interinstitutional working group to follow up on suggestions or strategies

This symposium aims to assess the extent of Animal welfare problems in Haiti with a view to encourage private and public institutionsto look for ways to improve the condition of animals and promote the concept of "animal welfare for human well-being" in the country.

Published: 26/09/2018

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