Laboratory, quality assurance and diagnosis


Cedric Lazarus, Christopher Oura,Tricia Fraser, Wintorph Marsden, Maria Teresa Frias Lepoureau, Emmanuel Albina, Jennifer Pradel and David Elcock Inter-Laboratory Proficiency Testing for Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories: What is it, why is it important, and who should participate? CaribVET Laboratory, Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Working Group. 2018

Cedric Lazarus, Christopher Oura, David Elcock, Marsden Wintorph, Syd Mogg, Carmen Laura Perera González, Janine Seetahal, Jennifer Pradel, Nathalie Vachiery, Emmanuel Albina Laboratory Surveillance for Avian Influenza: Recommendations for Caribbean Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories  CaribVET Laboratory, Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Working Group. 2016

Presentations / Lectures

Oura C. Country perspectives: Challenges in maintaining effective and sustained biosafety / biosecurity, quality management systems and engineering / infrastructure – the Caribbean experience Consultation on sustainable Laboratory Biosafety and biosecurity. , OIE headquarters, Paris, France; 2018. --- Download here: the Final report: OIE Consultation on Sustainable Laboratories shared by the Programmes Department.

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