Course workshop "One Health, a renewed integrating approach to the increasing global health risks", Havana, Cuba, 12-13 October 2017

In the framework of the activities for the International Day dedicated to “One Health” (November 3th), moving towards a healthier and safer world.

OBJECTIVE: Contribute to the integration of scientific, academic and productive institutions in the intersectoral and multidisciplinary confrontation to the increasing global health risks that threaten public health, based on a holistic approach to their causes and conditioning factors.

PARTICIPANTS: Researchers, professors, specialists, technicians, students, officials and managers of research centers, universities, agricultural sector, pharmaceutical industry and food industry of the public and private sectors.MODALITIES: Thematic conferences, case studies, panels of experts representatives of institutions and participating ministries linked to the different topics addressed and general debates among all the attendees.

•“One Health” as the current paradigm for prevention and global health control.•The integrative approach to health problems in the training of pre and postgraduate human resources in the agricultural sector and public health.•The prevention of zoonoses and their current challenges. Intersectoral cooperation. Emerging and reemerging diseases.•Food safety “from farm to plate”. Situation, challenges and perspectives.•Antimicrobial resistance. Global issues. Challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. Current and perspectives.•An approach to the various food contamination sources throughout the production chain. Challenges and perspectives.

FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS:Deadline: August 11, 2017

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