Network objectives

CaribVET works in close collaboration with national surveillance networks to promote international standards and regional harmonisation with respect to animal health and veterinary public health issues. CaribVET aims to improve animal and veterinary public health in all the countries and/or the territories of the Caribbean.

The network pledges to:

  • Support the development of a regional strategy on animal health which assist in improving the competitiveness in the livestock sub-sector in the Caribbean region;
  • Strengthen national capacities related to preparedness, surveillance, monitoring and management of animal and zoonotic diseases;
  • Assist in implementation of early warning, early detection and quick response mecanisms for animal and zoonotic diseases
  • Improve and harmonize the surveillance and control of animal and zoonotic diseases;
  • Impart and expand the knowledge base of animal diseases including zoonoses and their distribution in the Caribbean;
  • Create and support the development of technical tools necessary for improving the Region's technical and diagnostic capacity;

In order to achieve its objectives, CaribVET promotes collaboration with national and regional animal and veterinary public health initiatives aimed at achieveing food security/stability and food safety.

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