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  • OHOCOL Project

    One Health, One Caribbean, One Love

    The One Health concept provides a framework to address zoonotic diseases in a broader and more coordinated manner, at the human-animal-ecosystems interfaces by promoting transdisciplinarity and collaboration across all government sectors and society to reduce significantly health risks. "It is a unifying force to safeguard human and animal health, to reduce disease threats and to ensure a safe food supply through effective and responsible management of natural resources" – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Strategic Action Plan.

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    Human, animal and plant infectious diseases in tropical insular environments: surveillance, diagnosis, control and impact

    The MALIN collaborative project aims to improve research on human, animal and plant infectious diseases in Guadeloupe for better surveillance and control of those diseases. The project joins forces of all the Guadeloupean research and surveillance institutions involved in understanding, monitoring and controlling these diseases.
    Coordinated by Cirad, MALIN project relies on a multidisciplinary approach combining microbiology, epidemiology, entomology and socio-economics.

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  • 10TH EDF EPA/SPS Project

    10th EDF/SPS Project : Support to the Caribbean Forum of ACP States in the Implementation of Commitments Undertaken Under the Economic Partnership Agreement: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures”

    The Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) Project, is one component of the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Programme titled “Support to the Caribbean Forum of ACP States in the Implementation of Commitments Undertaken under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)”.

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  • Epigenesis


    Epigenesis project, "One Health approach to integrate Guadeloupe research on vector-borne and emerging diseases in the European Research Area: from characterization of emergence mechanisms to innovative approaches for prediction and control" aims to expand Guadeloupe research potential on emerging and vector-borne diseases along with the "One Health" concept.

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  • ResisT


    Assessment of Ticks Resistance to Acaricides in the Caribbean - Development of strategies to improve surveillance and control of tick-borne diseases in Ruminants

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    CARIBVET, Strengthening the Caribbean Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health Network

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  • VEP

    Veterinary Epidemiologist/Para-Epidemiologist Project

    The Veterinary Epidemiologist/Para-Epidemiologist Project (VEP) is a regional project aimed at strengthening veterinary infrastructure in the Caribbean basin.

    The project focuses on enabling risk-based, epidemiologically-sound surveillance for priority animal diseases in the Caribbean such as the tropical bont tick, heartwater (Cowdria ruminatum), bovine tuberculosis, brucellosis, avian influenza, and classical swine fever, as well as other transboundary animal diseases, through the training and professional development of veterinary epidemiologists or para-epidemiologists.

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