Avian Influenza Risk Mapping and Risk-based Surveillance

Presentations and Publications

Available upon request

Use of GIS in Veterinary Medicine: A Jamaican case study, presented by Dr. Rayon Gregory from Veterinary Services Division of Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries, Jamaica

Results of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza risk mapping project - Guyana, presented by Dr. Praimnauth Tihul  from the Guyana livestock development authority of ministry of agriculture, Guyana

National results of the HPAI risk mapping project - Belize, presented by Joel Villanueva  from Belize Agricultural Health Authority

Avian Influenza Surveillance in Dominica, presented by Dr. Reginald Thomas  - Chief Veterinary Officer from Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Avian Influenza activities - Belize, presented by Dr. Miguel DePaz  and Dr. Joe Myers  from BAHA, and Dr. Victor Gongora  from the Belize Poultry Association, Belize

Experiencias de Cuba en la prevencion de la Influenza aviar, presented by Manuel Pelaez-Reyes  from Instituto de Medicina Veterinaria Direccion de Sanidad Animal (DSA), MINAG, Cuba

National activities aimed at detecting and responding to HPAI - Barbados, presented by Mark Trotman  from the Veterinary Services, Barbados

National activities aimed at preventing AI in Martinique and Guadeloupe, France, presented by Daniel Barthelemy  from Cirad

St. Lucia Risk Mapping Report, presented by Darnell Lacan , from Veterinary Services, Saint Lucia

Optimization of national monitoring systems: qualitative risk analysis and risk mapping, presented by Cécile Squarzoni Diaw & Caroline Coste  from Cirad

Animal Health Monitoring in the Caribbean Caribbean Alert Tool. An update, presented by Dr. Jennifer Pradel  from Cirad

Regional Risk HPAI Risk Map & Stakes for the Region, presented by Bryan Sanford  from Veterinary Services of Ministry of Agriculture, Barbados and Dr. Victor Gongora  from the Belize Poultry Association, Belize

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