"One Health, a renewed integrating approach to the increasing global health risks" Course-Workshop, Cuba, 12-13 October 2017

One of the major research partner of CaribVET, the National Center for Animal and Plant Health (CENSA, Cuba), is organizing a regional workshop on "One Health" 12-13 October within the framework of the 2nd International One health day (November 3th) and the International Day for Disaster Reduction (Oct 13). The theme of the workshop is "Moving towards a healthier and safer world - One Health, a renewed integrating approache to the increasing global health risks".

Also OIE Collaborator Center for Reduction of Disaster Risk in Animal Health and Coordinator Center for Capacitating in Disaster Risk Reduction in Animal and Plant Health (CEDESAP-REDesastres), CENSA has integrated Disaster Risk Reduction and preparedness in the programme. 

Thematic conferences, case studies, panels of experts and representatives of institutions and ministries will discuss and work on various topics: “One Health” paradigm, building capacities in the agricultural and public health sector, prevention of emerging and reemerging diseases and intersectoral cooperation, food safety, Antimicrobial resistance, food contamination sources...

Objective: Contribute to the integration of scientific, academic and productive institutions to the increasing global health risks that threaten public health.

Participants: Researchers, professors, specialists, technicians, students, officials and managers from the academic, agricultural, public and private sectors.

Deadline for abstract submission: August 11, 2017

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